2nd Division Reserves – Elimination Final

Date: Sunday 29th August 2010 at 11.45am

Venue: Cheltenham FC Jack Barker Oval Weatherall Road Cheltenham Melways ref: 86 G3

Murrumbeena v Ashwood

Ground Manager: Emrys Lloyd Griffiths 0407 565 284

  • Tickets for this game will be issued from the SFL Office.
  • Murrumbeena wear the home shorts
  • Ashwood wear the away shorts
  • Ashwood use the home rooms
  • Murrumbeena use the away rooms
  • Murrumbeena use the home coaches box
  • Ashwood use the home coaches box


Team Managers please ensure you are aware of where the stretcher is located by speaking with the Ground Manager.